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Why The Knight Group?

Most real estate teams lean heavily on MLS as the Lead Character in their marketing efforts, hoping the right Buyer or agent will see the listing. While MLS does play a Supporting Role in our story, the main character is our High-Targeted marketing campaigns. This is what separates us from the pack and what inflates demand around your home.

First, and most importantly, we create a profile of your Ideal Buyer. This is the foundation. Blending socio-economic and demographic data, consumer behaviors, lifestyle data, and psychographics of the people who live and buy around your property, we can create the profile of who will most likely purchase your home.

We then use geo-mapping to locate people that match this profile. Now, the result could be in the hundreds of thousands of people, so we narrow the group down using Predictive Analytics.

This is where we get sharp.

Based on key similarites of people who have recently purchased homes, we are able to predict who will purchase homes within the next 6 months, which allows us to filter down dramatically. This ensures we are only focused on people looking to Buy. It also allows us to create Look-A-Like audiences anywhere in the world for our marketing campaigns.

Finally, we can deploy high-targeted marketing campaigns at this audience, using Google Ads, Facebook, IG, Youtube, Etc. We make sure the keywords we use align with the online behaviors identified in the Ideal Buyer Profile, we ensure the locations we target make sense, as well as the platforms we advertise on.

The end result?

The Highest Concentration Of Ideal Buyers For Your Home.

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